June 2012 - New Subbie Session - Mummification

I recently had a particulary pleasing e-mail from a potential sub a week ago. The e-mail was straight forward, to the point. This guy clearly new what he wanted, there was no e-mail tennis, no questions after questions. He wanted a simple mummification session for an extended period. He had a few things in mind he wanted me to do to him whilst wrapped, coupled with the freedom for my ....expression shall we call it!.

A date was arranged swiftly by the eager sub and he was eager then as he was when he arrived. I quickly instructed him to strip and place himself in chastity. (I must say I do enjoy doing that to a sub.... "well you put yourself in that position dear"). After a light flogging and short period of standing nose in the corner he was soon wrapped in tight industrial grade shrink wrap, just his caged cock exposed. As he was new to me I decided that the hood would suffice instead of head wrap on this occasion.

After being left for some significant period, the click of my heel the only sound left to leave his imagination running wild, he was duly tormented with cbt being high on my list of priorities!

His torment continued, epsecially after I instructed him that the only way he would go away with a smile on his face was if he could achieve orgasm with the sole of my heel!.Needless to say he did, and a smile graced his face like none I have ever seen.

May 2012 - Interesting Session
Pictures here

As part of one of the services I offer, you will note that some of my slaves like being chastised in the true sense of the word. Some prefer long term key holding and some just prefer to be locked the moment they step foot in my premises. Although this does sometimes prove a challenge as the anticipation of the coming session means that the slave is often already bursting at the seams. A cold shower normally does the trick!.

In this particular session, I iced the slave and placed him in chastity. It wasnt long before he was bursting at the seams once again, this time no room for manouver as he was locked tight. The session continued for an hour and was a mix of Domestic Servitude, a mild caning, and some humialtion. After having him prance around in some pink high heels undertaking all manor of chores it was time for the pathetic slave to be on his way.

As a passing thought I decided to give the slave a grope and squeeze of his balls which were purtruding nicely from the bottom of the locked cage. I dug my nails in only to hear a whimper from the slut and a gesuture that he was about to unload. The whimper continued with no retun in sight i instructed him to point to my leather heel. He did just that and as can be seen here, came all over my boot.

The pathetic slave was instructed to lick up his mess before he was allowed to be unlocked. Having been in the lifestyle for many years I have never seen that happen before but heck did I enjoy it!. I think the slave did as well!.
Dec 2012 - News

Well I am happy to say I am now a comfortable 50. I had a wonderful time in Iceland and would like to thank those of you that sent me wishes, gifts and cards. I did get see the Northern Lights though not on my birthday itself, but the day after. It was an experience that I will not forget and along with the company that accompanied me helped to make my birthday one very memorable trip.

Now it is time to look forward to Christmas. I will be away from the 13th Dec and if you wish a session with me this year there is not long or many days left to book - check out my calendar for my availability.

One of my subs has been busy writing BDSM poetry and I am thinking of giving him a page on my website as I do enjoy his ditties. As is right and respectable he has penned a few for me.

My quote for the month: Never be fooled by a kiss or kissed by a fool".  Hope you all get the punishment you deserve Christmas - have a great festive time"
July 2012 - House Slave gets a Key.

After nearly 3 years I decided to give my house slave his own key - has some very good advantages like I can have a lay in whilst he is cleaning and I also get breakfast in bed. So I thought as he now has his own key he can also write my blog for this Month - so in his own words....

"I have known Lady Dawn Cane for the best part of three years now. She has taught me so much about my servitude and understanding of what it means to submit. I feel I have progressed and developed into the servant that she expects and demands in that time and feel happy that I now serve her and meet her high standards.

Lady Dawn Cane presented me with the Key to her place which was a real honour for me. My mindset and submission are pretty straight forward, I am there to serve in any way I can, and genuinely turned on when I know she is happy. The Key will now give me this oppurtunity to extend my servitude further and now please her when she is not present.

Its just a shame that the key doesnt also fit my chastity cage!...."
November 2012 - November News.

What a busy few months I have had both with my sessions and my private life but normal (is there such a thing) schedule will resume shortly.

Some of you know how busy I have been helping my sweet ma (yes I know some of you think we were created but sadly we are only human) move house -happily that is now completed. I then had two weeks of rock gigs which I thoroughly enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones - sadly that is now finished for a few months.

Now I have my big birthday trip to look forward to,  (9th of Nov for those of you that wish to send me a little present or card). A long weekend in Iceland which I am quite excited about. I have ordered the Northern lights for my birthday and I donít even think mother nature would want to disappoint me with that. If she does I feel sorry for those of you that session with me when I first get back.

I have enjoyed the varied sessions I have been doing and some of my sweet visitors do put a real big smile on my face - I think you know who you are but all my visitors are special to me. I like to build up a good rapport as I think this leads to increased trust and therefore a better session. Well  I  enjoy the sessions and that is what counts ; ).  I was trialling 30 minute sessions for straightforward CP or CBT and I have had very good feedback for these so will continue to offer these shorter sessions.

Finally if you do wish to send birthday greetings, presents or contribute towards making Iceland a very good birthday experience then check out my wishlist on Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/1A77K5VYSXX6S). I would really like one of the cameras listed or if you know a more suitable one then by all means mention it, but being the domina with a heart I am happy with vouchers towards one. If you wish to contribute then please contact me for details.

My quote for this month:  I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well. Diane Ackerman, Poet

Have fun out there no matter what you are doing
July 2012 - Double Domme Session.

A nice and naughty double domme session will be held in Bracknell 2nd - 4th August with the delectable MizzUltraViolet.

The tribute for these sessions will be £200 per hour - if hard sports are required the an extra £20 tribute is required.

Mizz Ultraviolet specialises amongst other things needleplay, water and hard sports. This will be serious domination session with two expericienced dommes
Feb 2012 - Vacancy

I have finally decided to fill the vacancy left by a parting of the ways with my house slave due to his personal circumstances.

What do I expect from a hpuse slave: loyalty, courtesy, flexibility and a strong desire to deserve. Tasks I expect from a house slave: cleaning, cooking, ironing (definitely ironing) admin, shopping trips, occasionally accompanying me to events, and use of the individuals specific talents. You should be available for a few hours a week (most but not every week).

You should be willing and able to accept punishment for mistakes - what punishment is my choice. You should be able to afford a monthly tribute - level to be discussed.

In addition you may sometimes be asked to assist in sessions once I am happy with who you are. Be aware that my last house slave was with me for over 4 years and I am looking for someone who has the potential to be long term. I want to build up a good relationship where eventually you will anticipate my needs without me having to express them.

Do you have this potential , then applications should be via email and include the following details: name, age, location, experience, availability, skill set and fetishes. I will reply to all enquiries within a week unless I find them discourteous or rude
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May 2013 - Newsletter

May Newsletter

Well its been a while since I updated this page and my life has been so busy (and fun of course). I will be making every effort to update this monthly from now on.

I would like to say hi and welcome to my new houseslave ian who is working out well - shame he is a West Ham fan but it does make life fun when his release depends on them losing.

Hi also to my part time sissy maid joanna who sees me regularly and stepped up to the mark when needed.

Have to admit that some of the request to be my new houseslave did make me chuckle.

'Hi darlin' and 'Hi hon' are never going to get you very far but the best has to go to ' I can do you housework but what can you do for me' hmmmm sounds ideal - not

My website is also slowly undergoing a revamp with an easier to view gallery - photos are being added slowly but surely and I have also a guest blog page where I am happy to add any blog or story that is appropriate if you do not have a webpage of your own - this is totally subject to MY choice.

I also had the good luck to do a Double Domme session with the lovely Mistress Lola Von J in Sheffield whilst I was away and hope to do many more with this lovely Lady - look her up at http://www.mistresslolavonj.com . I will be doing a sissy tea party in Sheffield with Mistress Lola 8th June 1200 - 1600. Email myself or Mistress Lola for details

And finally my quote for this month:

Diane Ackerman, Poet:

"I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well".
August 2013

Been so busy recently havenít had the time for my admin so whilst anouska is cleaning my bathroom I have finally taken time out to write this .

Its been a busy few months and as I am moving Oct  it will be a very busy over the next few weeks. I am in Sheffield from this weekend for the sissy tea party with the lovely Mistress Lola Von J (http://www.lolavonj.co.uk/) on the 14th Sept and Double Domme sessions on the 16/17th sept . contact Mistress Lola Von J on 07794 758291 for details and bookings.  I will also be seeing Floggermeister  at the Sheffield Alternative & Burlesque Fair Saturday 21st September 2013 @ Corporation 12noon - 6pm to pick up some new toys . He does the most wonderful toys from recycled materials check out his website http://www.floggermeister.com/

My thoughts are with my sissy maid Joanna who has recently had a major operation - get well soon.  I would like to say happy anniversary for the 17 Oct to my lady Eve - she will have been serving me for a year and she has served well - looking forward to the next year.

And finally my quote for this month:

"Slave isn't just a word; it's a way of life, a defined action"
Feb 2014 - February News

Well I have been busy, busy, busy hence lack of updates.

I have entered into a new venture with my partner in crime Mistress Lola Von J and Miss Foxwell we will now be doing multi Mistress parties in Sheffield every few months. To start with these will be open themed but we will eventually be doing more defined theme parties as the year progresses and we will be having guest Dommes from around the country as well in the future - you can check out what is happening through our new website http://www.sssdommeparties.moonfruit.com/.  The first of our parties is on 26th Mar, 1030 to 1430 at Mistress Lola Von Jís chambers in Sheffield and we still have places available so contact Her at lolavonj@gmail.com to be part of the Sheffield Domination history by attending our first party.

I am also up in Sheffield between the 21st and 31st March and will be available for Double Domme sessions with Mistress Lola Von J and again these can be booked by contacting Her at the email address above.

Sheffield will be the place to be in March.

After many requests I have also decided I will now be selling my session stockings as I only wear them once anyway. These will be in a used condition and may have ladders, pulls and stains. If you wish a pair then contact me for details - all are sent in plain brown envelopes of course.

Looking forward to my sissy maid Joannaís first public outing also in March - will make sure I get a few pictures of this.

My quote for this month: Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. Marilyn Monroe
Nov 2014 - November News

Cannot believe how long it has been since I wrote an update - time flies when you are having fun .

Firstly I would like say congratulations to eve on our second anniversary - she only missed one month in two years. Eve has come such a long way in that time and now has a better wardrobe than mine and has so much more confidence in who she is. Sadly with her move it will not be monthly sessions anymore but we will continue the journey.

The Multi Mistress parties in Sheffield and surrounding areas are now happening  with my partners in Domination Mistress Lola von J of  Sheffield, http://www.lolavonj.co.uk/, Mistress Dita of Hull, http://www.mistressdita.com/ and Mistress Brook of Rotherham , http://www.missbrook.com/. You can check out photos, updates and reviews on the website http://www.dominapartiesnorth.co.uk/home/4583854264. You can also follow us all on twitter.

On a grumpy note - time wasters. I do not answer withheld numbers, I do not do same day sessions (unless you have sessioned with me before, if you cancel a session a deposit is required before I accept the next session and I will not enter into long drawn out email ping pong or telephone conversations until you are a regular. At present I only do deposits for long sessions (2 hours and above)as I understand how awkward it can be to make a deposit but if the time wasters continue then they will ruin it for other subs and sissys and I will start taking deposits for all sessions.

On a happy note my birthday is fast approaching - 9th Nov - yes I am a Scorpio and yes I do have a sting. So if you want to treat me then you have the perfect reason. I even give you a choice (not something that I normally do), there is my Amazon wish list, http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/?ie=UTF8&cid=A1AMAMAYO3HUQQ, you can send an Amazon Gift Card to my email address at LadyDawnCane@hotmail.co.uk or if you wish to help me celebrate by buying my a drink contact me and I will tell you how.

Donít forget on the same day it is also Remembrance Sunday and I would hope you have all given to the British Legion Poppy Appeal. If you book a session for Nov and turn up wearing your Poppy I will give 10% discount on my normal tribute. Being ex forces this is a charity that I fully support.

Also it is not long till Christmas and my last session of the year will be on the 17th Dec but this has already been booked so the last available session at the time of writing this is the 16th December


Quote for this month : I am trying to find myself. Sometimes that's not easy. - Marilyn Monroe.

Something that applies to most of you
Jan 2015 - Happy New year

Happy New year to one and all

well last year was an interesting one, the start of Multi Domme parties in Sheffield and surrounding areas with Mistress Lola von J, Mistress Dita and Mistress Brook - more to follow this year. I still do Double Domme sessions in Sheffield with Mistress Lola von J every few months - interested then contact me and I will let you know when next session is.

I have also started selling my used session stockings and for those of you who like Mistress champagne then I sell two vintages - the stong morning vintage and a slightly weaker afternoon vintage.

Due to a sub move I now have a vacancy for a personal housemaid, this is on a monthly basis with a token tribute required. Must be able to commit to at least a few hours a month and be flexible. Some play may be given but not always so this will suit someone who has a genuine need to serve and is not needy. Initial contact by email, experience not neccessary but if you have any then state in email. Remember when writing the email that you are judged by it.

For those of you that call me - then be aware you need to text first to confirm I able to take your call - I am not at your beck and call and excessive calls will just e totally ignored.

To all those of you that are new to this page - welcome - make this the year you explore you sub side.


quote for this month: Man does not control his own fate. The women in his life do that for him. Groucho Marx
September 2016 - Hello... I am back.

Hello to you all. It been a long while since my last update so I'll try and cover everything kinky thats been going on.

I now have a new slave who will be able to assist me in all website duties and most importantly keeping things up to date. With that in mind you'll notice over the next few weeks some changes to the site. Perhaps the most interesting will be the development of the session pages. The aim being to have every session possibility having it's own page with details of what is on offer. Plus there will be a few more pictures coming very soon.

For a session with a difference and a more sensual happy ending, I now work with Mandy who is more than obliging to give you the happy ending you might be looking for. You won't be dissapointed. (An extra tribute is required for Mandy's service,  please note any tribute paid is for her time and companionship only).

You will now also be able to purchase my used underwear, stockings, heels and champagne! Keep checking the website soon for more details, in the mean time email me!

Holiday - September 29th to October 19th 2016

It has been a busy week here at LDC Towers, thank you to all those that have sessioned with me in the last few weeks, I am now planning my holiday which will be as per the dates above. I will not be sessioning during this period. I am of course taking bookings for my return and I expect to be busy. Get yourselves booked in now to avoid dissapointment.

November Newsletter - Nov 2016

Thank you for all my birthday wishes and presents. From the smallest to the largest all appreciated but a big thank you goes to two people, one who got my my fav champagne and the other who got me what is now my fav pair of boots - purple cowboy ones - I just love them.

I had a great week celebrating my birthday with friends from all over but now it is time to get back to warming up all those lily white bottoms that present themselves to me - something I just love to do.

I will now be around till Christmas, may be the longest I have been around for a while and you can check my availability via my bookings tab.

Sessions for Berkshire Duo with slutty Mandy are going down a treat but these do need to be booked in advance as we are not always available at same time. Hope to see you in the next 6 weeks - yes its only 6 weeks till Christmas and if not there is always 2017

And finally - if you want to treat yourself to a little something for Christmas you can purchase Lady's champagne or used underwear and as a special, slutty Mandy is also selling champagne and cum filled underwear - you can contact me for me details. LDC
March Newsletter - March 2017

As usual I have been having fun as I always do and I am really happy with the subs and sissys I have though more would never go amiss. Have certainly been having fun with one of my subs who has been brave enough to have a few all day sessions with me.

Sadly have not been in Sheffield much so have had to put the parties on hold but hopefully we will be able to resume them in the future.

The only downside I have had is the amount of time wasters seems to have increased and with this in mind a deposit will be required if you cancel one session. Not sure what kicks they get from it as I do have a life that is just as enjoyable as Domming and it is their loss.

My sessions with a happy ending courtesy of escort Mandy have also gone down well and look forward to doing more of these in the future.