Humiliation is what makes me tick. There are endless possibilities form the mild to the mad and all in between, and it probably accounts for the larger part of why I am offering Domination sessions. Book a session with me and ask for it to contain Humilaition and you will not go away dissapointed.
Lady Dawn Cane
....on Humiliation

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Perhaps its the look on your face, and the thrill that runs through me knowing, that with your head bowed and felling utterly ashamed at the position you are in, there is little you can do.

Perhaps its the predicament that I have placed you in causing me great amusement. Whether you have a choice to make to ease the suffering or humiliation, or whether you are placed in a position you simple cannot escape from.

Take for example the picture on the right. After being suitable aroused for a while I decided to make use of my slaves appendage. I set the timer at 90 seconds.....if the handbag (heavy at that) was still hanging in its original position, I would allow him 10 strokes of the cane and a lick of my high heels as reward. Should however the bag drop to the floor, he will be made to lick every inch of my bathroom floor including the toilet. 
Do you like my new Handbag holder?!
.....I do like my little humiliation games..... if you would like to see what other delightful little ideas I have you know what to do dont you slaves?
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